SecretZip is a program written by Linova that can compress and encrypt a folder of files into one szip archive file. The szip file is self-decrypting and self-extracting. Just click on it and type in the correct password and it will be decrypted and extracted.

Below is a snap shot of the user interface to create a szip file. The headings "Folder to Archive", "Password" and "Archive filename" can be pressed to help you to choose the files and the password.

The software is provided for free.

Download SecretZip! SecretZip1_0.jar (50 kb).

You need Java Runtime 1.2 or later to run it. No installation is needed, just click on the file, or run it from the command prompt by typing:
java -jar SecretZip1_0.jar

More information is provided here.

Please send comments and bugs to frans @