Try some new Java software!

This section contains a collection of software written by Linova and others. Some of these programs can easily be started with Java Web Start.

Linovas Java Programs






SecretZip is a program that can compress and encrypt a directory of files into one szip archive file. The szip file is self-decrypting and self-extracting. Just click on it and type in the correct password and it will be decrypted and extracted. SecretZip is the first (and only?) program to create self-extracting platform-independent archive files.


JBlackbody is a simple program that visualizes the radiation from blackbodies according to Plancks radiation law. Run it now with Java Web Start. It is freeware and the source code is included in jblackbody.jar. The program can also be started by downloading jblackbody.jar and double-clicking on the file. Read the information in the "Help/info" menu. The program runs on any platform that supports Java 1.2 or later.

BaseStream Editor

This application is use to edit BaseStream files, see Run it now with Java Web Start.


JForward is a general purpose communication framework using the publisher - subscriber design pattern over a TCP network. The JForward server can be used to communicate between computers that cannot create server processes, for example computers behind a firewall or computers connected to the internet via GSM telephones using GPRS. The source code is included in the jar file, jforward1.3.jar. The program including source code is put in the public domain, do whatever you wish with it. JForward was financed by The Swedish Defence Research Agency (, thank you!

Undocumented Programs

Tiny Java programs packaged as jars, not much documented, used by me and my friends. Feel free to test them. Contact Linova for source code. Just open the files to run the programs, no installation is needed. The files are small so they can be opened directly from your browser.

Net-based Programs

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