LinoLab - implement your ideas!

LinoLab® is a Java-based environment that helps developers run their code using a command prompt and a workspace that keeps live variables available for interactive manipulation. LinoLab is particularly suited for numerical computations and includes specific syntax for handling matrices. For more information read the LinoLab Manual.

LinoLab can be used free of charge. Use it as you wish in accordance with the license that comes with the distribution (LINOLAB/doc/license.txt). The free version has all the features of the licensed version but it runs slower and cannot run commands in parallel. To buy a license, contact Linova.

Run Now

Run LinoLab now using Java Web Start.


The LinoLab Extra Download is not required to run LinoLab but contains additional documentation, source code and LinoLapack DLL files. All files downloaded from this page may be redistributed if not modified.


To install, launch the downloaded linolab.jar file (double-click on it in Windows) and follow the directions. See the LinoLab Manual for details.

Installing Java

LinoLab runs on any platform with a Java Runtime 1.4 or later. It can be downloaded from

Screen Shots

The first screen shot shows the LinoLab prompt with an active context menu. The second screen shot shows a plot generated with LinoLab.