LinoGrid - share your surplus cycles!

A network of LinoGrid® Engines (a LinoGrid) creates super computing power from the surplus CPU cycles on standard desktop computers. Read the introduction of the LinoGrid Manual.

Linova wants to hear about how you use LinoGrid. Also, please contact Linova if you need help with setting up a LinoGrid or help with programming for LinoGrid. Bug reports and all other feedback is of course appreciated.

The LinoGrid software is open source and released under the GNU GPL license. See license.txt. Contact Linova if you need a different license.

For more information read the thesis Grid Computing with LinoGrid.


The LinoGrid Manual describes the contents of these distributions. To quickly start a LinoGrid engine open linogrid_engine2.4.jar (around 50 kB) directly from your browser.

LinoGrid 2.4

LinoGrid 2.3

Related Software

LinoGrid Renderer

Bjorn Andersson of Linova has created a renderer plugin for Art of Illusion ( that does raytracing distributed on a LinoGrid. The software is open source and released under the GNU GPL license. See the LinoGrid Renderer Manual for more information.


This raytracing application demonstrates a possible use of a LinoGrid. The raytracing is based on code from Alexander Schmid and Daniel Wunsch, Thank you! RayDemo requires Java1.4.

For a quick demo, start an engine on your computer by opening the linogrid_engine.jar file, then run the raydemo by opening the raydemo.jar file. To get faster raytracing, just start more engines on other computers "near" you.

The RayDemo can be started by simply double-clicking on the jar file (or why not open it directly from your browser), but to get some more information start it from a command promp

    java -jar raydemo5.jar [ipNumber1] [ipNumber2] ...

The ip numbers are optional. If at least one IP number is given as a parameter these ip numbers are used when scanning for LinoGrid Engines. If no ip numbers are given as parameters (or if the program is started by clicking on it) the default behaviour is to search for engines with IP addresses that only differ in the last byte compared to the IP number of the local machine. For example if your IP is the addresses from to will be scanned.

Engines can be dynamically started and stopped while the RayDemo program is running. The LinoGrid Engine uses port 12300 on the engine computers. When scanning for engines a timeout of only 40 ms is used when no ip addresses are given explicitly. 1000 ms timeout is used when ip addresses are given explicitly as parameters.