Hello! Much on this website is obsolete, because I am working with other things. For contact information, see: franslundberg.com.

I am spending much time with my pet project: BergDB (first called KissDB). BergDB is a Java/.NET database library designed to make it simple, and efficient to store software objects.

Visit bergdb.com!

Old database website: kissdb.com!


Welcome! Linova® offers consulting services in the area of scientific computing and Java programming in general. Beside consulting, Linova is focused on developing high-quality tools that let scientists implement and share their ideas easily.

LinoLab® is a Java-based environment that lets developers run their code using a command prompt and a workspace that keeps live variables available for interactive manipulation. LinoLab is especially suited for scientific computing and has explicit support for matrix operations.

LinoGrid® is an open source Java-based grid computing framework. The CPUs of office computers are normally used less than 5 per cent of the time. The purpose of LinoGrid is to harness this surplus computation power for demanding computations.

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Linova was founded by Frans Lundberg in 1999. He is still running the company. Have a look at his CV.

Linova's regular hourly charge for consulting services is 600 SEK (around 65 EUR). If the job is related to Linova's products: LinoLab or LinoGrid, the charge is lower. Have a look at the software section. It contains a number of free Java programs.

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Email: frans.lundberg at gmail.com. Phone: +46 70 7601861.

Linova has "F-skattebevis".

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