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February 8, 1999

To whom it may concern

Usually we don't give any grades for such a minor work like a compulsory submit of thesis to receive the degree of Master of Science. However, Frans Lundberg has done such a remarkable work at our laboratory, that I gladly make an exception and write this recommendation. With an exceptional energy and ability he has performed a work, far ahead in complexity and extent of what we have seen so far from other students.

In the design of imaging capacity to our FTIR spectrometer he has worked with mechanical problems. He accomplished CAD-design as well as he built the hardware himself. Furthermore he made the necessary software conducting the instrumentation. Simultaneously he performed a theoretical analysis on imaging FTIR techniques and especially the constraints for the design work. Finally, he wrote two reports, both a users manual and a scientific report.

Frans Lundberg interacted well with several mernbers of the group and it was a pleasure for us to host him.

Lars Bohman
Head of IR Systems Department