Curriculum Vitae for Frans Lundberg

Swedish person number: 750314-8533. (Born 14 March, 1975)

I am a person who lives for challenges both when I work and in my spare time. Hopefully you have some challenge for me.


Degree of Master of Science in Engineering Physics

(Civilingenjörsexamen i Teknisk Fysik)

This degree was received in March 1999 from the University of Umeå, Sweden.The courses were taken at the University of Umeå, the University of Wollongong, Australia (one semester) and one course at the University of Southern Colorado, USA. The last semester of the 4.5 year studies was done as a project at the Defense Research Establishment (FOI), Department of IR Systems, in Linköping, Sweden.


Post-graduate Courses (doktorandkurser utöver examen)

From August 1999 to November 2000 I was employed by Linköping University, Sweden, to do research in image processing. I worked with the members of the Computer Vision Laboratory. During this time I took nine post-graduate courses involving image processing and computer science. A list of these courses is available.

Pre-university Studies

Elementary School in Umeå, Sweden. Two years of High School in Sweden plus one year in the USA with excellent grades. My pre-university grades can be presented upon request.

Work Experience


Since December 2000 I have been working full-time with my consulting company, Linova ( The company specializes in Java programming. Linova's homepage contains a list of projects I have been involved in.

Defense Research Establishment

Master's thesis project work (20 weeks) plus 5 weeks employment as a research engineer at the Swedish Defense Research Institute (FOI) in Linköping, Sweden. This project started August 1999.

Lars Bohman, the Head of the Department of IR Systems at the Swedish Defense Research Agency wrote a recommendation for me where he says that "with an exceptional energy and ability he [Frans Lundberg] has performed a work, far ahead in complexity and extent of what we have seen so far from other students".


In the summer of 1995 I worked at Calnova Ingenjörer AB in Umeå, Sweden, designing and drawing pipe systems with the aid of AutoCAD.


Frans Lundberg, The design of ScanSpec - a scanning imaging FTIR spectrometer, FOA-R--99-01041-615--SE, Swedish Defense Research Agency (FOI), Sweden, 1999. Also published as a Master's thesis by the University of Umeå.

Claes Nelsson, Frans Lundberg, Pär Nilsson, Mattias Berglund, ScanSpec: an imaging FTIR spectrometer , AeroSense 2000, Proceedings of SPIE Vol. 4029, pp 324-336.

Other Things In Life

I don't work all the time (but nearly, my girlfriend thinks). My number one passion, except for her, is travelling to see how people are living in other parts of the world. I have travelled quite extensively on all continents.

Exercising is a necessity for me. Scuba diving is a favorite, but I do weight-lifting and swimming more frequently.


I have a Swedish driver's license for car and motorcycle. My scuba-diving certification is "PADI Advanced Open Water Diver".


Claes Nelsson, Swedish Defense Research Agency (, Department of IR Systems, Linköping. Phone: +4613378000. Email: claes.nelsson @

Anders Nordlund, Posten (, Sweden. Phone: +46 709805163. Email: a.nordlund @

Morgan Ulvklo, Swedish Defense Research Agency (, Department of IR Systems, Linköping. Phone: +4613378000. Email: morgan.ulvklo @

Contact information

URL: Email: frans dot lundberg at linova dot com. Phone: +46 70 7601861.