BaseStream Software

BaseStream - create efficient binary protocols easily!

BaseStream is a simple protocol that serves as a common base for binary protocols like XML (Extensive Markup Language) provides a base for text-based protocols. It is used to define binary protocols consisting of typed and possibly named data elements. An instance of the BaseStream protocol has a corresponding XML representation that makes it possible to use existing XML tools to view, edit, validate, and transform BaseStream data.

The details are described in the internet draft draft-flundberg-basestream-04.txt.

The software has no legal restrictions and is put entirely in the public domain. However, acknowledgement is always appreciated. The software project is hosted at SourceForge, Linova is looking for a project leader for this open source project. Logo

Please provide feedback.

Download It contains everything a Java developer wants and also some Matlab code for reading and writing BaseStreams.

Linova BaseStream Editor

The BaseStream Editor can be used to view and edit BaseStream files. Start it now using Java Web Start or download it.